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Workshop Schedule- Summer 2018
Making Connections!
Dayton, OH- April 14th, 2018
Louisville,KY- April 27th, 2018
Toledo, OH- April 21st, 2018
Nashvillle, TN- June 14th, 2018
Destin, FL- June 15th, 2018
Indianapolis, IN- July 9th, 2018
Houston, TX- July 17th,2018
Dallas, TX- July 18th, 2018
San Antonio, TX- July 19th, 2018
Toledo, OH- July 25th, 2018
Cleveland, OH- July 26th, 2018
Columbus, OH- July 27th,2018
Louisville,KY- July 30th, 2018
Dayton, OH- July 31st, 2018
Cincinnati, OH- August 2nd, 2018
Chicago, IL- July 13th, 2018
St Louis, MO- July 23rd, 2018