Welcome to The Phonics Dance!

The Phonics Dance!™ method will help primary
grade teachers to:

*Learn an effective way to incorporate phonics
instruction across the language arts curriculum

*Discover effective ways to develop writing skills of
primary students

*Explore ideas for helping children use the classroom
word wall to teach and reinforce Language Arts

*Be able to implement easy to use vocabulary

What is The Phonics Dance?

The Phonics Dance!™ is a quick and easy way for primary grade
educators to teach phonics and increase the reading and writing skills
of each and every student in your classroom. It is multilevel learning at
its best, and can provide success for all students, regardless of their
developmental level. This is a nationally recognized program which is
based on research and meets the standards for the Leave no Child
Behind Law.

This Six Step Program offers learning through cost free strategies that
incorporate rhyme, movement and chant. Building on phonemic
awareness, students become confident, successful writers. In the
process they develop strong decoding skills through the use of
“hunking and chunking” to build poise and fluency in reading. Learn
how to use your word wall to teach all your language arts concepts!

Why do we need The Phonics Dance?

Reading is a difficult process. Here’s why….
84% of the words in the English language are phonetically correct.
The 16% that are not phonetically correct appear in all types of literature 80% of the time.


-By Author/Creator Virginia Dowd

The Phonics Dance was inspired by my inability to read first graders’ stories.  

Decoding their words was almost impossible for me.  So I came up with an approach 

that would give these six, seven and eight year olds a strategy to sound out words.  

As first and second graders dance their way through chants and rhymes they start a 

journey through sound, continually looking for “hunks” and “chunks” that are part of 

our language.  The decoding process is made easy because of the rhyme and 

movement in the learning.  Children of all developmental ages benefit from daily 

reinforcement.  The Phonics Dance is a spiral approach to language arts.  Initially you 

will see huge progress in each child’s writing.  As the students in your room learn 

how to “hunk” and “chunk” the carry over into Reading will be an easy one.  The 

Phonics Dance gives young children one more strategy to use in their journey 

towards literacy.  Dancing all the way of course.  

Super phonics ideas. So practical. I can take everything I learned immediately back into the classroom.

About me

Hi! I'm Ginny Dowd, creator of The Phonics Dance.

Virginia Dowd, educator, consultant, author and SDE Presenter is known for her motivating and dynamic presentations. In her over thirty years of teaching, she has strived to improve math, reading and writing instruction in the primary grades. Virginia is a recipient of the Martha Holden Jennings –Master Teacher Award in the state of Ohio.
Virginia’s method of teaching math integrates well with any teaching style. Her ability to cross the curriculum , and to make learning fun and meaningful, has earned her the respect of educators both in public education and at the college level. Virginia has been a presenter in school districts and universities across the country.

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Happy Teachers!

See what educators are saying about The Phonics Dance!

"Super phonics ideas. So practical. I can take everything I learned immediately back into the classroom."
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april albers
I sing your praises every chance i get. Your program has made me such a better phonics teacher and my kids are fabulous at spelling and decoding. Hands down the best phonics program ever!
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Heather Alexander
"This was the most fun I have ever had at a seminar. Not only did I learn a lot, I am sure my students will too."
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Alisa Hester