Purposeful Writing Creative Writing the Phonics Dance Way

With Presenter and Author Ginny Dowd A Writing Workshop: Grades 1 – 3

Date: 7/31/24

Virtual Workshop via Zoom Meeting

Cost— $150 per attendee
(Digital download of practice packet will be provided for the workshop
and complete manual will be mailed following the workshop)

Log in between:
7:30AM  – 8:00AM

Session Time:
8:00 AM – 12PM

Link to workshop will be sent via email once payment/Purchase
Order is received.

Creative Writing the Phonics Dance Way is the next step to the Phonics Dance.  Even if you’re not familiar with the Phonics Dance, this  
workshop will create successful, confident young writers in your classroom.  See how you can use literature as a springboard for any good
writing program.  You’ll learn quick and easy strategies to get everyone in your classroom fired-up for writing!  Learn effective conferencing
techniques that can meet every student’s needs.  Help your students experiment with a variety of writing styles and find their own writing
voices.  Ginny demonstrates how you can give your writing lessons a purpose to improve skills in writing research, poetry, letters, fiction and
much more.  Plus, learn how literature can be the perfect springboard to start your whole class writing.  Explore the ways children write as
you discover new writing activities to engage every level of writer in your classroom.  You’ll learn specific skills to assist your learners as they
continue to develop as writers.  This workshop will make the writing experience fun for both you and your students.

If you are a primary grade teacher you do not want to miss this opportunity!Reserve Your Seat Today!!

*Attendees are eligible to receive 1 semester hour of credit from Brandman University*

Contact Jennifer Drews to reserve seating:  937-679-5263
Registration and Payment must be received by July 30th 2024