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Six Steps to Literacy in the Primary Grades:                                                       
A Reading Workshop Grades 1 & 2
Phonics instruction made easy and fun! This seminar will motivate you to work smarter not harder, demonstrating how you can take
students beyond their grade level in phonics instruction using just fifteen minutes a day!
Ten Key Workshop Benefits:
1.  Reach each and every student in the classroom. This
program needs no modifications. It is multilevel learning at it's
enabling each one to have success no matter what their
developmental level.
2.  Phonics instruction is easy and FUN.  Children naturally
engage in these motivational activities, building their own
literacy success.
3.  Really use a word wall effectively.  Innovative ideas to
strengthen your classroom instruction.
4.  Strong decoding skills build confidence and fluency.  These
activities will strengthen your students reading  and writing
skills at an amazing rate.
5.  Increase reading accuracy and fluency with the use of
"hunking" and "chunking" activities.  Examples and
demonstrations at the seminar.  
6.  All of this in 5 minutes a day. Work Smarter. not harder.  In a
minimal amount of time, give your students a review of all
consonant, short and long vowels, digraphs and variant vowel
sounds that have been introduced through the program.
7.  Raise their skills beyond their grade level expectations.  
Virginia's methods introduce and reinforce sounds that take
students beyond their current grade level.
8.   Integrate your teaching.  Outstanding lessons will be
demonstrated using across-the-curriculum strategies, which help
students' retention and motivation.
9.  Writing, writing, and more writing.  Great daily writing ideas to
get your students started and keep them going.
10.  How to do it all in YOUR classroom.   Outstanding sample
lessons, demonstrations and displays, all classroom tested and
proven successful.
All participants will receive:
  1. Each participant will receive a complete resource
    handbook specifically designed for this seminar.
  • The complete script of the phonics techniques
  • The six progressive steps necessary to literacy
  • Examples of ways to use graphs, venn diagrams, games,
    and graphic organizers integrated with phonics learning
  • Hunk and Chunk activities

Materials and examples of student work will be on display The
Phonics Dance Audio CD Companion Virginia  will be available at
workshops for consultation and questions to help address your
students individual needs.
Meet In-Service Requirements!
A personalized Certificate of Attendance which can be used to meet individual continuing education or re-certification requirements.
University Credit!
One semester hour graduate level professional development credit* is available through Brandman University for an additional fee and
completion of a follow up assignment.

*These credits are not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional advancement such as salary increment steps and recertification.
Students should seek approval of appropriate district or college officials before enrolling in these courses to satisfy any degree, state credential, or local school district