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Welcome to the Phonics Dance!
The Phonics Dance!™ is a quick and easy way for primary grade
educators to teach phonics and increase the reading and writing skills
of each and every student in your classroom. It is multilevel learning at
its best, and can provide success for all students, regardless of their
developmental level. This is a nationally recognized program which is
based on research and meets the standards for the Leave no Child
Behind Law.

This Six Step Program offers learning through cost free strategies that
incorporate rhyme, movement and chant. Building on phonemic
awareness, students become confident, successful writers. In the
process they develop strong decoding skills through the use of
“hunking and chunking” to build poise and fluency in reading. Learn
how to use your word wall to teach all your language arts concepts!
The Phonics Dance!™ method will help primary
grade teachers to:

*Learn an effective way to incorporate phonics
instruction across the language arts curriculum

*Discover effective ways to develop writing skills of
primary students

*Explore ideas for helping children use the classroom
word wall to teach and reinforce Language Arts

*Be able to implement easy to use vocabulary
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